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Laundry Service in Paris 

Your favorite blouse was tainted while you were planning to wear it during your next meeting? Don’t panic! Even if you are away from home, at hotel Champerret Elysees hotel we make sure your stay in Paris is completely stress-free.

Our laundry service ensures you flawless results every day of the week except for Sunday. Whether it’s for washing, dry cleaning or ironing, our team of professionals is responsible for making sure that your garment is as good as new.

Fast and efficient laundry service

To access this service, simply place your clothes in the provided bag and fill out the small form. You can specify if you want to retrieve your garment the same day or the day following its deposit at the reception.

The hotel also provides an ironing board and an iron. Both can be found behind the front desk.

We also assure small seams to help out you in case of emergencies.

Laundry in Paris: hotel laundry at Champerret Elysées

Located in the heart of 17th departement of Paris, Champerret Elysées is a 3 star hotel that welcomes all year long business and leisure guests.

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  • 129, avenue de Villiers
  • 75017 Paris - France
  • +33 1 47 64 44 00
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